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Budget Bungalow

I first learned of Passive Design Solutions when I was contacted by Natalie to do the plumbing work on one of their projects. Natalie and Mike both have an eye for detail and always put the interests of their clients as top priority.

We have since built a passive house that heats easily and evenly from one arm load of wood per day in the coldest months of winter. Our power bill for December and January was $207.00. I expect our total energy bill to be under a $84 a month.

We love the design of this house. It is very functional and easy to keep clean and organized. Would recommend Passive Design Solutions to anyone. ~ Dan and Mandy Cote

Project Information
SIZE: 1425sq. ft.
DESIGN: Passive Design Solutions and Owner
ENERGY CONSULTING: Passive Design Solutions
BUILDER: Passive Design Solutions and Owner
  • This project was commissioned by one of our regular tradesmen - a huge vote of confidence when our builders want these houses for themselves!
  • One of the least expensive houses we’ve built to date, proving that near-passive house efficiency can be coupled with construction costs equivalent to code-built custom costs.
  • This project was designed to eventually be net-zero, and the solar array necessary to provide all energy to this house was priced under $20,000 installed.