The Passive House Concept

Passive House is the world's leading standard in energy efficient building.

  • Up to 85% energy saved in heating over conventional new buildings
  • Passive House is the path to net zero
  • Quality of indoor space is improved with careful ventilation and day-lighting.
  • Passive House is economically viable using conventional construction materials and building techniques.

Passive House Principles The primary objective is to minimize heat loss by optimizing the thermal performance of the building envelope. This is accomplished with:

  • Super-insulation
  • Airtightness
  • High performance windows and doors
  • Minimizing thermal bridges
  • Designing for passive solar heat gains, natural ventilation and passive cooling
  • Incorporating very high efficiency heat recovery ventilation, point source heating and hot water design.

The energy efficient envelope gathers and holds heat from passive sources, primarily solar. Thus the building shape, site orientation, and thermal mass are important design principles.

Passive House is Cost Effective

A conventional heating system is not needed in a Passive House. This decreases energy bills, saves space and reduces construction costs. These savings are invested in building envelope upgrades.

By adapting conventional construction materials and techniques, we find that the net increase cost of building to Passive House adds only 5-10% to the total construction budget.

The Key Benefits of the Passive House in Canada:

  • Cuts site energy costs by 65% and reduces your carbon footprint
  • Net-Zero ready building design
  • Super-insulated building, providing effective sound insulation and protection from outside noise
  • Provides superior indoor climate comfort - no drafts
  • Fewer mechanical systems, making it easier for the homeowner to operate and maintain
  •  High-quality ventilation equipment, providing constant fresh air in your home
  • Affordable to construct and cheaper to maintain
  • Independent third-party certification insures quality of the construction and future value of your building