Design Review

Almost half of all energy savings in a Passive House are achieved through smart design alone.

The most cost-effective way to achieve high efficiency is to integrate the principles of passive house in the design phase. While these principles are simple to understand, they can be difficult to apply in practice.

Using our experience designing, building and certifying passive buildings, we have developed a 49-point analysis tool that allows us to evaluate your proposed design and reveal opportunities for improvement.

Our design review service is intended to be a first step in optimizing your design and allows us to make high-level recommendations before energy modeling or other improvements.

Our passive design review includes a scorecard summarizing the performance of your design in four main categories:

  • Building Shape
  • Glazing Efficiency
  • Layout Optimization
  • Mechanical Potential

Sketches of potential design improvements or considerations are included for each of these categories. Also included is 30 minutes of phone or email consultation time, to ensure you get the most out of our recommendations.