Site Assessment

All good buildings respond meaningfully to their site.

We perform a site assessment as the starting point for all of our custom designs.

We also offer site assessments as a stand-alone service for clients who are shopping for sites or who want to ensure their design is taking advantage of the opportunities their site presents.

Visiting the site in person allows us to examine the building site from all angles, but we will always assess these key elements:

  • quantify the existing shading
  • identify which trees to remove and to keep
  • advise where to put building, septic, well, or driveway
  • evaluate potential issues related to slope
  • look for evidence of wind patterns
  • identify any potential issues related to water or wetlands
  • note the architectural character of the neighborhood

A building site defines what that building can become.

The site will drive the most fundamental elements of good design, and proper site assessment can ensure that your home ends up in just the right place.