• Passive Design Solutions are committed to creating beautiful, functional, affordable homes that are built to live in with ease and comfort.

Passive Design Solutions is a team passionate about designing high-efficiency homes that are easy to build, economical to maintain and beautiful to call home.

Living in a passive house means living in a space that is naturally warmer, healthier and more comfortable. Our houses work by using simple, durable materials put together in ways that use the sun and wind to our advantage. The result is a huge reduction in energy and maintenance costs, while creating a home that is ideal for you and your lifestyle.

2018 Export Achievement Award Finalist

As Canada’s most experienced Passive House Design firm, we have developed solutions that make this standard attainable in our climate. No matter what your style or budget, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live in a passive house.

Whether you are looking for a stock plan, a custom designed home, or services that can help you succeed with your own passive house project, we are ready to help.

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