Net Zero Passive House Consulting Services

If you already have a design or are working with another designer, we can help.
You can use our Passive House consulting package for your home to contribute to the fight against climate change.

Energy modeling is the most powerful tool to take frustrating guesswork out of sustainable design.

We find 50% of the building energy efficiency results from good design.

We work with you to use energy models as an integral part of your design process. Using models, we can quantify the impact of changes to all critical aspects of a building, including:

  • glazing design
  • assemblies and envelope components
  • mechanical components
  • ventilation
  • shading
  • occupancy and internal gains
  • orientation

Energy modeling can protect you from green-washing and will allow you to assess the actual energy efficiency of your decisions.


We use a variety of specialized software tools:

  • Window: Asses glazing unit performance and options
  • Therm: Quantify thermal bridging for advanced details
  • WUFI Pro: 1D hydrothermal analysis for moisture safety
  • WUFI Passive: Static and dynamic thermal modeling for whole-building energy usage analysis and design optimization
  • Wrightsoft: Heat and cooling load (F-280)

Energy modeling as part of the design process will provide you with confidence that your designs have been tested and are on the leading edge of sustainable architecture.

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