Custom Multi Family & Affordable Home Design

Do you want a unique home design tailored to your lifestyle and needs? Let our team of passive house design experts get you there.

Multi family Passive House tailored to your lifestyle.

We provide you honest opinions and creative ideas, but recognize that this home is for you.

AHANS believes Net-Zero design is a critical investment not only for the environment, but the sustainability of a non-profit’s housing portfolio. Low rental revenues combined with increasing operational budgets — specifically energy costs — pose a significant challenge for the affordable housing sector. Eliminating the energy burden mitigates risks and stabilizes budgets for the landlord and the tenants. ~ Claudia Jahn, Director, AHANS Community Housing Development

Custom design of your passive house leads you through the design phases:

  • Schematic Design. We explore a variety of options for your room layouts and how they relate to each other and the outdoors.
  • Design Development. We create a 3D model of the exterior shape of the house and design the window layout.
  • Energy Modelling. This is important to incorporate early in the process. It informs our design to ensure the seamless integration of all the energy efficiency strategies.
  • Net Zero calculations. We size your solar panels once we design your high-performance building shell. Passive House approach offers the best path to Net Zero by minimizing the amount of energy that renewables need to provide.
  • Construction Drawings. You'll get a detailed set of construction documents for your permit and to start your build.

Learn more about Passive House and Net Zero.

We also offer construction support services to make sure your design is implemented to the high-performance quality of Passive House standards.

Passive House team and affiliates:

  • Architectural graduates
  • Civil and structural engineers
  • Building science engineers
  • Energy modelling technologists
  • Draftspeople
  • Builders
  • Landscape architects
  • Interior designers

Our custom designs are fully energy modeled and can achieve the PHIUS+ 2018 Passive House targets.

Integrating the Net Zero Passive House strategies into your custom home design will present opportunities, not barriers, to ensure your home is everything you imagined.

We work to provide the ideas and solutions you need to make a home that is uniquely yours.


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