PDS Builder Affiliate Program

We have established a program to collaborate with builders that are passionate and committed to building new homes using the Passive House approach.


Our builder affiliates have an established working relationship with our design team at PDS. We work together to provide clients with a more integrated design and construction experience. The builder provides local construction knowledge and PDS provides design services, either from our stock plan catalogue or with custom architectural design. This collaboration allows for a fast, smooth transition from the design phase to construction, while at the same time creating a stronger and more complete Passive House knowledge base. This helps us all to advancing our vision to build homes that save money, save energy and save the planet.

Nova Scotia Builder Affiliates:

Affiliate name: Blueprint Construction Ltd.
City: Waverly, NS
Service Area: Halifax and surrounding areas of Nova Scotia
Phone: 1-902-222-2867
Affiliate Website
Affiliate name: Billet Workshop Ltd.
City: Scotsburn, NS
Service Area: Halifax Regional Municipality and Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia
Phone: 1-902-830-8614
Affiliate Website
Affiliate name: Sunbuilt Contracting
City: Halifax, NS
Service Area: Halifax Regional Municipality of Nova Scotia
Phone: 1-902-221-0013
Affiliate Website
Affiliate name: Drumlin Built
City: Mt Pleasant, NS
Service Area: South Shore (Chester to Liverpool and everything in-between)
Phone: 1-902-298-7297
Affiliate Website
Affiliate name: Craig McNally Contracting Services Ltd.
City: Halifax, NS
Service Area: Halifax Regional Municipality and surrounding area
Phone: 1-902-717-2830
Affiliate Website

New Brunswick Builder Affiliates:

Affiliate name: Riko Passive Homes
City: Moncton, NB
Service Area: Moncton and surrounding areas of New Brunswick
Phone: 1-506-531-5056
Affiliate Website
Affiliate name: Nauss Homes
City: Moncton, NB
Service Area: Moncton and surrounding area.
Phone: 1-506-227-8392
Affiliate Website

Quebec Builder Affiliates:

Affiliate name: ÉcoNovation Inc.
City: Sutton, QC
Service Area: A good part of the Brome-Missisquoi region of the Eastern Townships in Quebec
Phone: 1-514-983-3519
Affiliate Website

Ontario Builder Affiliates:

Affiliate name: Fourth Pig Green & Natural Construction
City: Baysville, ON
Service Area:Greater Toronto Area, the Golden Horseshoe, and Muskoka areas of Ontario
Phone: 1-888-391-4474
Affiliate Website
Affiliate name: Tooketree Passive Homes
City: Muskoka, ON
Service Area:Ontario and surrounding regions
Phone: 1-705-767-3995
Affiliate Website
Affiliate name: Simple Life Homes
City: Coburg, ON
Service Area:Ontario and the surrounding states and provinces.
Phone: 1-289-691-6627
Affiliate Website
Affiliate name: Evolve Builders Group
City: Guelph, ON
Service Area: Southwestern Ontario, with a natural focus on its home bases in Guelph and the Tri-Cities area of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, as well as Wellington, Grey, Bruce, Simcoe, Caledon, Georgian Bay and Muskoka counties.
Phone: 1-226-332-3734
Affiliate Website
Affiliate name: Sommer Brothers Construction Inc
City: Goderich, ON
Service Area: Goderich, Ontario.
Email: sommerbrothers@hurontel.on.ca
Affiliate Website
Affiliate name: Endurance Contracting
City: South Mountain, ON
Service Area: Eastern Ontario
Phone: 1-613-808-4247
Affiliate Website

Alberta Builder Affiliates:

Affiliate name: Innovative Earth Inc
City: Grand Prairie, AB
Service Area: Western Canada.
Phone: 1-587-297-8844
Affiliate Website

US Builder Affiliates:

Affiliate name: Plowman Builders
City: Halifax, NS
Service Area: Greater Portland, Maine
Phone: 1-207-347-1220
Affiliate Website