The Team

Natalie Leonard, P. Eng.

The first Certified Passive House Consultant and Certified Passive House Builder in Canada, Natalie leads the Passive Design Solutions (PDS) team with a depth of experience in creating cost-effective, beautiful, super-efficient homes for the future.

She brings her engineering background, hands-on design and construction experience, a practical and efficient approach to building, and a commitment to greatly reduce the energy footprint our buildings use in Canada.

Natalie’s passions for the natural environment and world travel have greatly influenced her perspective on residential construction and the footprint our buildings have on the planet. For the past 10 years, she has been focused on learning green building practices and integrating them into her projects.

Finding the Passive House Standard was a perfect fit. The simplicity and affordability of the Passive House aligns with Natalie’s values of creating practical and efficient homes for the mainstream market.

Mike Anderson, MArch, BSc

Mike Anderson graduated with a Masters in Architecture in 2011 and started working with Natalie on Passive Houses shortly afterwards. Using his architectural training along with an earlier degree in Physics, Mike is able to work on all aspects of high-performance housing, from detailed energy modeling to window layouts that frame the perfect view.

Mike qualified as a Certified Passive House Builder in 2016. He is dedicated to making durable, resilient buildings more accessible to clients of all income levels and lifestyles, while recognizing that for sustainable housing to be the choice for all homeowners it must also be both beautiful and functional.

Naryn Davar, MArch, BEDS

Naryn is a 2013 graduate of the Master of Architecture program at Dalhousie University where he now works as a sessional instructor in technology. His interests in architecture are explored through the lens of social and environmental ethics, with a particular interest in the use of technology in design process to make objective and effective decisions that increase the performance and accessibility of good design.

Naryn joined the Passive Design Solutions team in 2016, bringing together his core interests in industry-led environmentalism and application of technology in practice.

Willem Paynter, ESET, BA

Willem holds a technical diploma in Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology from Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). While still in school, he provided energy modeling for a sustainable architecture firm. He has also worked on smart grid technology, conducting research at the NSCC Applied Energy Research lab.

Will brings many skills to the team, including energy modeling, mechanical and electrical spec writing, and PH certification services. He has a deep knowledge of energy efficiency and believes that all buildings can be comfortable, beautiful, and durable without sacrificing sustainability.