The Team

Natalie Leonard P. Eng

Natalie Leonard, P. Eng., Consultant and Engineer, Founding Partner

Natalie is the first Certified Passive House Consultant and Certified Passive House Builder in Canada. Her mission is to make sustainable, high-performance homes affordable for everyone. She leads the Passive Design Solutions team with a depth of experience in creating cost-effective, beautiful, and ultra-efficient homes. Natalie brings her engineering background, hands-on design and construction experience, and a practical approach to building. 

Mike Anderson, MArch, BSc

Mike Anderson, MArch, BSc, Design Leader, Partner

Mike graduated with a Masters in Architecture in 2011 and started working with Natalie on Passive Houses shortly afterwards. Using his architectural training along with an earlier degree in Physics, Mike is able to work on all aspects of high-performance housing, from detailed energy modelling to window layouts that frame a perfect view. With his experience and knowledge, Mike leads the design team production.

Naryn Davar, MArch, BEDS

Naryn Davar, MArch, BEDS, Director of Business Development, Partner

Naryn is a 2013 M.Arch graduate of Dalhousie University where he has since repeatedly worked as a sessional instructor. He joined the Passive Design Solutions team in 2016, bringing together his core interests in industry-led environmentalism and equity and affordability in housing. In 2019 Naryn moved from providing design services, to leading business development for the firm.

Molly Merriman, OAA, MArch, BSc, Project Architect, OAA

Molly Merriman, NSAA, OAA, MArch, Project Architect, Partner

Molly is a licensed Architect and joins the PDS team from Ontario, where she worked for six years with dpai architecture inc. A graduate of Dalhousie University’s M.Arch program in 2013, she also holds a B.Sc in Environmental Science from McGill University. Molly works collaboratively with clients from the early stages of design to translate their vision into elegant, efficient space.

Zane Murdoch, MArch, BSc, Project Designer

Zane Murdoch, MArch, BSc, Project Designer, Partner

After completing his MArch at the Technical University of Nova Scotia, Zane began his practice working in BC. He returned to NS nearly two decades ago and since then worked closely with clients and builders. His focus has been residential and includes a long-standing commitment to Passive House design. Zane transitioned from his private practice to join the PDS team as a full time project designer in 2021. His earliest design, created in elementary school, was for a space station on the Moon; this has not yet been built. He brings to the team at PDS a background in Biology and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria and an abiding interest in all aspects of Green building.

Jann Peters, AETE, Architectural Engineering Technician

Jann Peters, C.Tech, Architectural Engineering Technician, Partner

Jann completed a technical diploma as an Architectural Engineering Technician from Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). With 12+ years’ experience as a carpenter in both Canada and Germany, Jann brings a strong background in building high performance homes to his role in design, drafting, energy modelling and construction support.

Zak Miller-Ada, Draftsperson/Construction Support

Zak Miller-Ada, Draftsperson and Construction Support Consultant, Partner

Zak brings a background in the trades as a builder, project manager, and lead carpenter on high performance homes. Zak has been an educator in the field of energy efficiency and green building since 2009. Zak’s role within the firm includes preparing construction drawing, customizing stock plans and providing on-site construction training and support.

Liz McGraw, Draftsperson

Liz McGraw, Draftsperson

Liz completed her Architectural Technology program from NBCC and brings 6 years of technical drafting experience to PDS. Her knowledge of pre-fab homes and experience working closely with trades guides her in her role of completing construction drawings.

Michelle Elrick, Business Support Manager

Michelle Elrick, Business Support Manager

Michelle brings a background in bookkeeping, finance management and small business administrative consulting in both the construction industry and the arts sector. Her talents for administrative systems design and detail management made her a successful entrepreneur prior to joining PDS and have equipped her to provide operational support and financial leadership to the team.

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