Builder Support

We will provide construction training and support services to the project trades to insure energy efficiency details are implemented fully and quickly in the construction of the building.

Through our Passive House construction experience, we have learned to successfully building these homes, getting the necessary quality in the quickest and most efficient way. We bring our detailed knowledge to help other builders so that they will feel comfortable taking on passive house projects.

We provide onsite training at key stages of the construction and work hands on with the trades until they are comfortable with the quality required.

The focus is the proper execution of the details related to airtightness and thermal bridging. Phone and email support help address Passive House aspects of the build including: site questions, review of shop drawings, and evaluation of potential product substitutions.

The following are the typical onsite sessions we provide for construction support:

1. Laying subslab insulation and vapour barrier installation

2. Air-sealing exterior walls and penetrations

3. Installing and air-sealing of windows and doors

4. Electrical rough in

5. Mechanical rough in – Plumbing, Heating and Ventilation

6. Providing onsite blower door test(s) prior to drywall to confirm airtightness. Meet with project team to discuss corrective actions, if necessary. Repeat blower door test after corrective actions, if necessary.

7. Arranging and participating in ventilation commissioning at the project completion. Third party commissioning of the ventilation system is a key step to insure the ventilation system is balanced at the design flow rates and adequate supply and exhaust flows are provided to each room.

Construction support is available to our stock plan and custom design clients as well as energy consulting projects.