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Canmore East

This modernist retreat marries minimal operating costs with luxurious living. The bold overhangs of the shed roofs and massing of the house, screen porch, and garage create a striking visage of tasteful modern style that fully takes advantage of the deep window sills, south-facing windows, exposed thermal mass, and many other energy efficiency solutions that have serious architectural potential.

The feature balcony creates a private nest for the master suite to look out towards the lake beyond. Beyond the surface aesthetics, the cantilevered balcony is a completely thermally broken assembly custom detail meaning that the aesthetics need not come at a cost to your energy efficiency!"

Project Information
SIZE: 2250 sq. ft.
DESIGN: Passive Design Solutions
ENERGY CONSULTING: Passive Design Solutions
STRUCTURAL: Andrea Doncaster Engineering
BUILDER: S Larade Custom Homes
  • Strong massing and shed roofs to suite clients' modern tastes.
  • Fully thermally broken cantilevered feature balcony with steel railing acting as structural support floats along the second storey master suite while shading the large south-facing ground-level windows.
  • Steel staircase feature staircase with glass railing
  • Structural post and beam framing.
  • High-tech EPDM roofing for low-slope applications.
  • Lakefront home that can be maintained during trips with minimal cost and effort.
  • Huge huge south windows take in the lake view and the sun showing the size of windows possible with fibreglass frames.