No design can be perfect without input from you and your site.

We recognize that everyone has a different lifestyle and set of priorities for their home. While we have created our home plans with many styles and a focus on timeless appeal, we know that you will have great ideas for how they can be modified to fit you better. We will work with you to add these great ideas into your home!

Here's what to look for to know if the design is a good starting point:

  • Is the street entry on the right side for your site?
  • Is south pointing the right way for your site?
  • Is the size buildable in your region within your budget?
  • Are there enough bedrooms, and does it have the right number of stories?

Here are some examples of what we can customize to fit your vision:

  • Changes to the floor plan-flipping or mirroring to fit the site
  • Adding a basement to a two-storey plan
  • Adding a garage, screen porch or carport
  • Changing the exterior style to make it more traditional, modern, craftsman, etc.

Even with extensive changes to the interior, we find that if the plan is oriented properly for your site and is roughly the right size, we can make it work. It's generally more cost effective for us to customize a stock plan than to engage in full custom design services.

Please contact us with a list of your changes, and we will provide an estimate to customize a plan for your needs.

If you are looking for something uniquely tailored to you and your site, consider our custom design service. We love working with people to make their dream homes a reality!