Modern Lakefront
Modern Lakefront: Bold Net Zero Passive House
Project Information
Size: 2150 sq. ft.
Bedrooms: 4 + den
Estimated Annual Heating: $175
Solar Orientation: South to Back
Custom Design
PHIUS Certified

Lisa and Marcus had a concept of a vacation home combined with a home for their parents in their late retirement.

Modern Lakefront Single Family Net Zero Passive Home

  • The view to the south is exploited in this 4 bedroom Passive House. The beautiful, long-range views over the lake create warm, bright spaces in the important rooms.
  • The design focused on maximizing use of the 2200 sq. ft of living space. This home has 4+ bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, and a generous great room.
  • An 18 panel PV array generates all the energy used in this home.
  • This project has received certification for Passive House and is in the final stage of LEED for Homes Platinum certification.

From our extensive research, one name dominated our search for a Passive House, Passive Design Solutions. Once we met the team, we realized that we had a unique group to work with that had a focus on building sustainable, energy efficient, and impressively affordable Passive Houses. We are thrilled with the result!”~ Lisa and Marcus