Pricing, Our Packages

What is included?

Our construction drawing sets, at appropriate scales on 18” x 24” sheets, include the following:

  • Cover Sheet

  • Foundation Plan Sheet
    The foundation plan sheet shows the layout of the building foundation. 

  • Floor Plan Sheets
    Each floor plan shows the location of interior and exterior walls, doors, windows, stairs, closets, and layout of cabinets, appliances, and plumbing fixtures.

  • Elevation Sheet
    Exterior elevations show all four sides of the house, including the roof pitches, window and door layout, siding and trim materials, building height, and finished grades.

  • Building Section Sheet
    Building sections are vertical slices through the house from the roof to the foundation. The sections show the Passive House building assemblies for the foundation, floor, walls, and roof. Materials and dimensions are specified.

  • Window and Door Schedule
    The size, height above finished floor, operator direction, and specifications are provided.

  • Passive House Detail Sheets
    Construction details for Passive House assemblies include: foundation, connections between building assemblies, windows and doors, and details for air-sealing. 

  • Mechanical and Electrical Sheets
    Overlaying the floor plans, these provide the ventilation duct, mechanical, and electrical equipment, and layouts.

Your package will not include:

  • Site plan - must be completed specifically for your building lot and comply to local planning office requirements.
  • Structural engineering as required.
  • Cabinet and mill-work.
  • Room-by-room finish selection.
  • Permit applications.


Standard Package: $6,495
6-Set-Plan Package, Single-Use License with non-exclusive right to build a single home.

The single-use license package includes 6 complete sets of 1/4” scale construction drawings, allowing for the construction of a single residence and a single digital permit set. We include a 2-hour phone consultation with you and your builder to discuss the Passive House elements and answers any questions you may have. This price includes standard delivery shipping with Canada Post.

Additional Printed Sets:
Ordered with the initial purchase: $35
Ordered at a later date: $35 plus shipping

Mirrored Plan: $100

Plan Customization Changes: $85/hour
We provide stock plan customization on an hourly basis. Please select your plan and contact us with your requested changes. We will provide a time estimate for the changes to get your plan working for you. If the changes requested are drastic, we may recommend a custom design by our team. We love working with clients to adapt our designs to help people achieve the Passive Home they are looking for!

Multiple Use License for Builders
We work with builders to provide stock plan licenses with non-exclusive right to build multiple homes and also provide custom designed passive home plans for exclusive right by the builder.