The Lookout
The Lookout: Cozy Passive House with a View
Project Information
Size: 2050 sq. ft.
Bedrooms: 5
Estimated Annual Heating: $125/yr with wood 
Solar Orientation: South to Side
Custom Design

Large Cozy Oceanfront Passive House with Wood Stove

  • This 5 bedroom Passive Home is perched on a stunning point overlooking the Atlantic.
  • The storey-and-a-half design has enough room to house a large family, while still feeling cozy for a couple.
  • The building shape is defined and accentuated by the interaction between metal and wood siding. Windows placed in this simple barn shape bring in light, heat, and the view. The porches protect doorways and provide outdoor space for beekeeping.
  • A sunshade on the south-west corner prevents overheating. It is hung from stainless-steel rods to maintain the integrity of the ocean views.
  • An air-sealed modern wood stove serves all the heating required and provides a comfortable fire to gather on winter nights.