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Dunvegan Halifax

For this project we wanted to test the market value of a passive house compared with homes built with standard building methods. We chose to build on a lot on in a small, new development with new homes of similar size and finish to our design. We sold the home for significanlty more than the larger code built house next door. We are happy with the result, proving that Passive Homes higher value is recognized in the market. ~ Natalie Leonard

Project Information
SIZE: 2290sq. ft.
#BEDROOMS: 4 + den
DESIGN: Passive Design Solutions
ENERGY CONSULTING: Passive Design Solutions
BUILDER: S. Larade Custom HomeBuilders
LANDSCAPING: Outside Planning and Design Studio
  • This house was built as a testing ground for refining assembly, trying new details, and simplifying mechanical tweaks. It was designed as a stock plan, taking into account the wedge-shaped lot common to new suburbs.
  • A large, south-facing great room brings bright south light into the home, uncommon in a neighborhood where the same design is reused over and over regardless of orientation.
  • The exterior styling references the classic suburban architecture of the 20th century, while keeping the finishes maintenance-free.
  • As a spec house and also a pre-certified Passive House, this home demonstrates the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and cutting edge energy performance.