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2190 SF - Schooner Pond
4 bed / 3 bath
back faces south

$X,XXX* savings on your annual energy costs
2190 SF - Schooner Pond

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An efficient yet spacious country home plan, Schooner Pond packs in 2 bedrooms and family bath plus master suite (walk-in closet, separate ensuite bath, master bedroom) and a reading nook on the second level with a spacious open-concept ground-floor with space for guests and an attached single-car garage.

Four-bedroom Little Bras Dor Passive House features:

  • Reading nook at the top of the stairs to give more places to feel cozy.
  • Built-in storage on both levels.
  • 3 full baths.
  • A kitchen and living/dining room aligned to the sun to be bright and warm year round..

Energy Usage & Savings
Built to National Building Code (Canada):
Energy Usage - XX,XXX kWhrs/year
Annual Cost - $X,XXX/year

Built to Passive House (PHIUS)
Energy Usage - X,XXX kWhrs/year
Annual Cost - $XXX/year

Enjoy a $X,XXX* savings on your annual energy costs or cover $XX,XXX additional financing on your mortgage with these savings.** *Cost estimate is based on an assumed 15 cent per kWhr price
** Mortgage is based on a 25 year amortization with a 4.5% interest rate.
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Regular price $5,995.00